Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Moore’s law which states that processor speeds and overall processing power for computers will double every year and technology will get cheaper. This evolves the trends of mobile computing, social networking and cloud computing.
These days business intelligence (BI) is a top enterprise application priority while cloud computing is the new buzz on infrastructure side. Together these two concepts form a cloud hosted BI which makes the business data more accessible than ever before. So, cloud business intelligence applications will be hosted on a virtual network like the Internet. Employees can access the dashboards consisting of reports using numerous browsers. Hence, when cloud meets business intelligence information to the business users, right information is accessible to the users at the right time via the cloud.


Teradata believes when the world gets smaller, the data gets bigger. The objective of Teradata is to facilitate the companies is to unify their information and discover the things that matter to them. It solve the most pressing business problems by bringing together highly scalable hardware, a world-class parallel database, the industry’s only comprehensive in-database data mining technology and over 30 years of Teradata data warehousing expertise, including:

·      Maximizing your ROI and getting the most out of intelligence hidden in your data warehouse
·        Reducing model development cycle time with faster delivery of analytic insights
·        Obtaining the scalability you need to build analytical models

It offers big data analytics on demand by bringing in the flexibility and agility of cloud computing. The massive parallel analytics engine stores and processes big data to offer performance and scalability. This edition takes full advantage of scalability and elasticity of cloud computing.

·        Start analytic application projects quickly
·        Scale easily and incrementally to many terabytes of data without disruption
·        Gain deeper insights into multi-structured data using Teradata Aster’s patented SQL-MapReduce®

Customer Stories

Coco Cola has a tremendous volume of internal data. To use this information to drive business, relevant information has to be integrated through a series of master management processes. The Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse solution manages all of this internal data. Storage and processing power of the Teradata cloud is being used to handle Big Data. Coco Cola is investing in cloud computing, virtualization as well as distributed approaches like MapReduce.


Comcast the world’s leading media, entertainment and communications companies. It serves 24 million cable subscribers, runs 300 TV channels including 150 HD and provides 150,000 online entertainment choices. Comcast claims that Teradata saves them time in design phase where requirement input is lacking. Under the supervision of Teradata, Comcast decided to re-architect data warehouse from scratch. With the holistic view of data produced and consumed it provides a bigger picture of future.


Business intelligence tool combined with an advanced cloud storage service is Microsoft’s latest technology for analytics that is helping small businesses grow their data analytics system. Cost effective wise, small businesses can use an affordable yet powerful cloud service that is scalable. The user only pays for the service actually used for their business. As the organization runs their business intelligence tool using the Microsoft Azure, highly scalable results are attainable that allows one to pay only per minute of usage. Microsoft Azure offers an economic cloud storage facility, small businesses are able to become as competitive as bigger enterprises because they can enjoy the same benefits.

Customer Stories


ABB being a global company wanted an application that the managers and business analysts could utilize to identify market opportunities and address challenges geographically. ABB wanted to move to the cloud business intelligence to query data faster. Using the Microsoft Azure they have gained higher velocity in running data apps within a highly reliable and manageable cloud infrastructure.

Power BI includes four key tools used by ABB:
·        Power Query to find and access data
·        Power Pivot to create data models for analysis
·        Power View to produce highly visual reports
·        Power Map to integrate data with 3-D geo-spatial maps


AMD produces technologies such as semiconductors that power personal computers, mobile devices, game consoles, and cloud servers. Being an international company with a global customer base a presence in multiple markets, the company needed better tools for monitoring business processes. Their data warehouse team wanted to make the solution to include faster reporting and a single source of truth for operational data. 

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